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SEPTEMBER 17th - Lakefront Arena - New Orleans, LA. More pictures on our gallery.

acuvue: @ddlovato just surprised #ACUVUE1DAY contest winner, Shayla. Excited would be an understatement.

acuvue: Shayla just found out that she’ll be performing in front of thousands at tonight’s show with @ddlovato! #ACUVUE1DAY

First Date: Demi Lovato

@ddlovato: It’s #ACUVUE1DAY mentorship day! Follow @ACUVUE on IG to get a virtual behind the scenes look! http://Instagram.com/ACUVUE


@ddlovato: My meet & greets are funnier than your meet & greets. voice is tired today… If I end up on vocal rest today then today’s M&G will be EXTRA silly…#demiworldtour 

@jennaschubart: Had an amazing night with my mom and @ddlovato … Camilla couldn’t stop smiling! Love them both so much ❤️

@carolinecarter8: That banana has security….

[HD] Demi Lovato singing ‘Really Don’t Care’ in Orlando, Florida.


PS: This will be updated.

ddlovato: Ran into these two beautiful girls @dinagenid & @sparklylovatos during their backstage tour this afternoon!! 😝😝😝😝 I love my Lovatics SO MUCH!!!!#demiworldtour 💗💗💗

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