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@ddlovato: Quick break in the studio, loving this twitter chat!!! 

Can YOU guess why I’m wearing this sexy mustache?? ‪#‎VoteDemiLovato‬ 

@ddlovato: Ok ok you guys have been asking for it. 5:30pm Twitter Chat - let’s do thissssss!!!! #votedemilovato

@iambeckyg: So I’m with @ingridnilsen & @MTV today at the LA Forum, (home of this year’s VMAs!!) and it’s looking SICK. I have to show you guys but I gotta be sneaky about it. I would keep your eye on @MTV's Instagram today ;) #iamacovergirl

@MTV: @ddlovato has a subliminal message for y’all. #VMAs #VoteDemiLovato

VH1Music: RT + follow + we might surprise u w/a signed CD!

#VoteDemiLovato #VoteDemiLovato #VoteDemiLovato #VoteDemiLovato

MTV snapchat

Demi Lovato stopped by to talk about what she did for her birthday, Nick Jonas’s new music, and how much she loves being on stage!

AUGUST 20th - Celebrating her birthday in Disneyland (UHQ). More pictures on our gallery.

@HollyWoodLife: #Lovatics…Demi will be at the #VMAs this Sunday! Make sure to come to HollywoodLife for full award show coverage!

 Demi and Wilmer in Anaheim, California - 20/08 (visit our gallery for more pictures)

Demi Lovato celebrates her 22nd birthday at Disneyland with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama 

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