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marissa_callahan: As Ive been back in LA - I don’t feel whole. Half of my heart is in Kenya And the other half is lost. The pictures, videos and words can’t put justice on the emotional connection that I have with the place I felt the happiest. Never in a million years did I think that I would miss yelling ‘Jambo’ out the window to the kids sprinting to the streets just to wave. The amazing girls at Kisaruni, the mamas and every kid that our hearts, I miss. Love has no borders and I learned just that. In America we have things that we aren’t thankful for. Paved roads, transportation, CLEAN running water from our sinks and last but not least education. I can’t even begin to out into words how much Africa changed my life. I am now living my life through God, more now than ever and it has changed the way I view love, friendships, and family. I miss the late night talks by the fire, popcorn fights and jamming out to Drake every single meal. The simple things in life, are now my big things. I can’t wait to get back and put my hands and feet in the soil where I now call home. —- This picture means so much to me. Some may think of it as a picture, but to me it’s more than that. A friendship that has saved my life and a bond that cannot be broken. When I saw this I cried, because this picture tells not just a journey, but an un defying story of two girls that are now women that want to change the world. ❤

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