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@CeCeMissXtotheO: “@RMattMue: Too much hotness in one pic @cecemissxtotheo @ddlovato http://Instagram.com/p/kxG-y3ndYX/ ” the hotness is palpable

@cecemissxtotheo: I love this woman. @ddlovato

(more) Demi Lovato and Cece Frey at the X Factor Season 2 Finale after party

Demi Lovato and CeCe Frey arrives at Fox’s ‘The X Factor’ Season Finale - Night 2

Demi & CeCe at The X Factor backstage

@irobotyoujane: backstage with @CeCeMissXtotheO & @ddlovato - you GOTTA vote for her! lovatics, where you at! 1-855-843-9301 xx

@ddlovato: Who’s watching and voting tonight?!

@cecemissxtotheo: #MyDayWithDemi the only mentor that took time out of their day off to get to know their contestant and strategize for the next show.

Demi at X Factor backstage last night

Cece, Demi and Wilmer last week

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