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@ddlovato: Morning workout Jane Fonda style. (Insert fabulous ass emoji here) 💪💁

@iambeckyg: So I’m with @ingridnilsen & @MTV today at the LA Forum, (home of this year’s VMAs!!) and it’s looking SICK. I have to show you guys but I gotta be sneaky about it. I would keep your eye on @MTV's Instagram today ;) #iamacovergirl

@MTV: @ddlovato has a subliminal message for y’all. #VMAs #VoteDemiLovato

@caliakarasarah: Last #demisurpriseparty post. I love this chick so much! @ddlovato #NyahLovesStreamers@nyahlynnjones

@claudialeitte: Hoje é aniversário de uma verdadeira princesa! Today is the birthday of a true princess! @ddlovato On behalf of your Brazilian fans, we wish u a great birthday! GOD BLESS U!!!!

@caliakasarah: @ddlovato: surprise bday party was a success!!! She had no idea!!! 😍 my sister from another mister #waytooexcited @dallaslovatome @nyahlynnjones

@ddlovato: My Pony remix ft. @sirahsays

 @ddlovato: Production meeting for #DEMIWorldTour!!!! #votedemilovato

Demi Lovato after doing the ALS challenge with fans.

@ddlovato: I mean… We practically made out.

@ddlovato: That one time I was swimming under the glass in my bungalow…… And got sucked away by the current….. 

iheartradio: @ddlovato hangs with us and @adamlevine gets #KeiraKnightley to SCAT - plus movie scenes for everyone who loves ‘MERICA!

luaraa_I WON’T FORGET, DEMI! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍💕💕

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