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Photoshoot: 2014 - Andrew H. Walker (MQ/UNTAGGED). Check more pictures on our gallery.

Demi for YOU Magazine (c)

Logo TV’s ‘Trailblazers’ - Portraits (TAGGED)

PHOTOSHOOT: [2014] Demi Lovato photographed by Diana Gomez for YOU Magazine (check out more in our gallery)

UHQ pic of the photoshoot for the single “Really Don’t Care” (credits: Demetria Brasil)

Demi Lovato ‘Really Don’t Care’ Single Cover (Without Text)

seventeenmag: It’s true. 😊 Inspiring words from our August issue guest editor, Demi Lovato! #17Demi

Official cover art for “Really Don’t Care”

Demi Lovato for Joseph Llanes (check it in UHQ on our gallery)

PHOTOSHOOT: 2014 -  Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio (more pictures on our gallery)

UPDATE: PHOTOSHOOT - Aliya Naumoff (2014) (more pictures from this photoshoot on our gallery)

Demi Lovato Cover Shoot: Music Interview!

PHOTOSHOOT: 2014 - Aliya Naumoff (you can also check the pictures on our gallery)

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