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Demi Lovato’s Photoshoot For NYC New York Color Cosmetics #Beauty

New outtake from Fault Magazine photoshoot. Check out this photoshoot on our gallery.

Demi Lovato photographed by Giuliano Bekor for FAULT Magazine. (2014)

Demi Lovato photographed by Giuliano Bekor for FAULT Magazine.

Demi Lovato photographed by Kenneth Cappello for N.Y.C. Color.

Demi Lovato for N.Y.C Color. HQ picture on our gallery.

@ddlovatoOuttake from photoshoot. #nohairdontcare (it’s not real don’t worry… Haha)

[HQ/UNTAGGED] Old/New pictures of Demi for Andrew H. Walker. Check out more pictures on our gallery.

[HQ/UNTAGGED] Demi Lovato for Skechers 2014 Holiday campaign. Check out more pictures on our gallery

2012 - Tyler Shields (x)

Demi Lovato - FAULT Magazine

Demi Lovato shows a little shoulder on the cover of the latest issue of Faunt magazine!

Here’s what the 22-year-old entertainer, styled by Avo Yermagyan, had to share with the mag:

On the sound of her record: “Everything that happened on the album happened organically. Nothing was really planned in terms of “I want a dance song” or anything like that- it just kind of happened! It’s exciting to show people a different side of myself.”

On her charity projects: “Well these projects were really born out of my relationship with my fans, where they are able to look up to me no matter what they’re going through. I really like being there for them in that way. I pride myself in being a role model but I’m not perfect- I curse like a sailor and I sometimes make mistakes but at the same time I want to be what I know my little sister and that younger generation needs.”

On being a role model: “I use to get frustrated that just because I wanted to sing, I was automatically expected to be a role model. But I had to grow up and realise that no matter what I do I’m going to be somebody’s role model. It’s true what they say- “with great power comes great responsibility”- and everybody’s career is different but for me, I had to grow up and embrace it rather than resent it, as that only made me resent my career.”

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