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@TheXFactorUSA: Awwww… It’s our top 13 together again, doing what they do best!!!

@thexfactorusa: Don’t ya just love these hotties?! #xffinaletonight

They always give us love… thanks, !

The judges with Mario

The judges and Mario yesterday

Stills from last night’s episode

thexfactorusa: They may bicker, but it’s all teamwork when it comes to the fans! Simon with the assist to Demi! #xfactor

"That was… Shut up Demi… One of the best versions I ever heard."- being Simon.
"I love you Kelly and I love you Paulina, but I think I’m looking at the winners."- .

Stills from The X Factor official site

thexfactorusaOne more time, let’s give it up for @saltnlight0503!!! Continue to shine your light, girl! #xfactor

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