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@ddlovato: Pretty accurate.

@ddlovato: This is what my post-concert rebellion looks like.. #rocknroll

@ddlovato: Healthy 4th of July snacks!!! Courtesy of @carolinecarter8 @Maddielovesyou1 @m_callahan @braedenDLGarza & me!!! 

@ddlovato: BYE ✌️

Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) has reached 23 million followers on Twitter. Congrats!

Demi’s new header on twitter

@ddlovato: In lighter news….. @CarolineCarter8 and @HollyLetchworth are totally starstruck by spotting Chilli from TLC 😂😂😂

@ddlovato: TOMORROW!!!! #DEMIWORLDTOUR tickets on sale tomorrow!!! 

Soooo excited to see you guys on !!!!!

@ddlovato: Oh and this one. I have to admit @joejonas, they look better on you… #twinzies? 😇😝

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